At Go Figure Tax Solutions LLC, we provide tax preparation services, as well as full-charge bookkeeping and payroll services.  If you have any questions about our services, or do not see what you need listed, feel free to contact us.

Income Tax Services

We can prepare your Federal individual income tax return, and your State return if necessary.  We will also prepare your small business income tax returns if filed on Sched C of your From 1040.

Electronic filing is our standard submission method, as per IRS requirements for approved e-file service providers preparing more than 10 returns per season.   However, if you prefer to paper file your return, we can accommodate your wishes!

Bookkeeping Services

We are a full-charge bookkeeping establishment catering to small businesses.  Whether you are a Sole Proprietor, an S-Corporation, or a Partnership, we can assist you in all of your bookkeeping needs!

We can also provide guidance with the start-up of your business by setting up your bookkeeping procedures.  A well designed chart of accounts is the foundation of sound record-keeping!

Payroll Services

Limited payroll services are available as after-the-fact data entry onto your books.  We can also prepare:

  • Timely Payroll Tax Deposits (depending on your schedule)
  • Quarterly Federal and State Payroll Tax Returns
  • Annual Forms W-2, W3 and 940
  • Annual Forms 1096 and 1099


We offer affordable fees and a high-quality alternative to in-house resources for tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services.  Our clients know that working with us is a very affordable and professional way to maintain their accounting system.

We charge a competitive rate for our services and deliver an even higher value to our clients.  Our fees and billing arrangements are fully disclosed prior to the rendering of initial services.  We typically bill by the form for tax preparation services, and by the hour for tax consultation, bookkeeping, and payroll services.

Below is a basic list of rates; a full fee schedule is available upon request.

  • $115 flat fee for Form 1040 (additional form charges may apply)
  • $95/hr for tax consultation and planning services
  • $50/hr for bookkeeping services